Hill 522

Commonly called Guinhangdan Hill, from the root word: "hangad" which means to look upward (522 ft. up), was the entrance to the first liberated town of Palo in 1944 after having been heavily bombarded to destroy the garrisons built by the Japanese artillery units; foxholes built by the Japanese still exist; memorial marker built by Mie Prefecture. Fierce fighting for the control of this strategic hill lasted two days (Oct. 20-21, 1944) and cost the lives of about 50 Japanese soldiers and at least three American soldiers.

Guinhangdan Hill is located near the Bangon River, where the La Purisima Shrine is built. The shrine was constructed in 1887 by the Spaniards to dispel evil spirits which people believed to be the cause of many accidents and deaths on the premises. Hill 522 provides a scenic view of Leyte Gulf, with the southwestern part of Samar Island across the sea, and the northeastern part of Leyte. It has also provided solemn moments for reflection by the study tour participants.