New Year in the Philippines is quite unique. Filipinos are known to have a variety of beliefs and traditions and one way of celebrating New Year in the Philippines is by setting off lots and lots of fireworks, even days before New Year.

At midnight, Filipino families gather together and eat a midnight meal, a belief that would ensure plenty of food in the coming year. Filipino children follow a custom of jumping up and down twelve times, believing that they would grow taller in the coming year.

In the Philippines, setting off of fireworks is an important part in celebrating New Year. It is a symbol of happiness for the people. Fireworks are seen and considered as a traditional way to greet the New Year with joy.

Preparation begins few days ahead of New Year. The spirit of the New Year celebration still remains the same among the people of Philippines despite some little changes of Filipino customs.

Customs such as wishing everyone luck and happiness and also seeing off the old year and welcoming the New Year is still prevalent in the Philippines. Dance music and other amusements are some other customs that Filipinos follow on New Year.

An important custom that is followed by the Filipinos is Media Noche or midnight. On New Year’s Eve, families gather together to attend the midnight mass. It is believed by the Filipinos that the midnight mass symbolizes their hopes for a prosperous New Year. Merry making and making loud noises as a Filipino custom is not only meant to have all the fun on New Year but also to drive away evil spirits. People in the Philippines believes that banging on pots and pans and sounding off car horns and car alarms is the safest method of merrymaking on New Year.

Filipinos truly believes that displaying of colorful round fruits and wearing clothes with dots and other circular designs would bring luck as they all symbolizes money. Similar to customs of other nations, people in Philippines believes that eating of 12 grapes at the stroke of midnight on New Year would bring them good luck for the coming year. And the custom of opening the doors during the first day of the New Year would also bring good luck for the New Year.